Thank you for giving us your attention and a bit of your time to provide you with some information regarding our snail farming company named SALIPAP C.O.

SALIPAP C.O is Greek company engaged in breeding-producing snails as well as local biological Greek products with the exclusive method of the Italian institute UNE whose owner and founder is Mr. Franco Ballone.

SALIPAP company produces a certain kind of snail named Helix Aspersa with the method of Biological Protected Type Breeding Grounds. The result of this unique patent is the snail farming in the natural environment protected by secondary external factors that can impair snail's proper, healthy and organic growth. As we are one of the few processing industries in Greece, soon we will be able to distribute to domestic and international markets snails in various forms such as frozen, canned, cooked and packaged in special sauces of our production.

SALIPAP Company in cooperation with the Italian production factory SUBA, is the exclusive distributor in Greece for green leaflike seeds, which are referred/suggested for snail breeding.

Composed of well-educated staff and in collaboration with the Greek cottages, SALIPAP C.O has developed a big gamma of natural and biological tinned products such as i)Mustard ii)Honey Mustard iii)Natural tomato sauce.

Tinned Products can be provided with your personal label.

SALIPAP can provide all European and non-European countries with the above referred products.

For more information and any queries please do not hesitate to contact with us.

We are looking forward for a healthy and professional cooperation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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